marimu is a professional game localization studio,
where all staff members are experts in the game industry.

Overall experience regarding the game development process, knowledge of the game industry and understanding of the peculiars of each game is essential for successful localization of game contents. Thus, we provide high-quality game localization services optimized for each title, based on in-depth analysis and understanding of the industry.

marimu offers a high-quality game localization service
tailored to fit your game specifically and is growing steadily as a strong partner to game studios as they go global.

Starting from 2016, with Studio HG’s “Smashing the Battle”, IDLE Idea Factory’s Abyssirium, Kiwi Walks’ Witchspring2 and Skonec Entertainment’s ChooChoo Heroes and more, marimu has been on a meteoric rise in the industry and has formed tight bonds with numerous partners by delivering game-optimized game contents exports via game-exclusive LQA services that incorporate language pack builds. Furthermore, over 93.4% of our partners have re-contracted with us, proving our skills and capabilities to the game industry.
As of May 2020, we have participated in the globalization of over 200 games worldwide.